AXA Loop 110/9.5 Bicycle Chain Lock With Padlock











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The AXA Loop 110 is an approved chain with seperate padlock that is ideal for locking an expensive Electric bicycle or Cargo Bike (Approval: ART 2 star). The cylinder is protected with a key cover, so moisture and dirt do not have direct access to the cylinder which improves the durability of your lock. The strong polyester sleeve protects your bike against damage.  The chain can be used in two ways. Option 1 is the regular ‘double’ way, you secure the chain around a pole and lock it with the padlock. The other option 2 is to put the chain through the eye of the chain, and make a short loop. This way you can maximize the length of the chain. The other advantage is that the weight of the chain is halved, since you only have one piece of the chain in your hand. The Loop chain lock is 110 cm long and the links are made of hardened steel with a diameter of 9.5 mm.

For misplaced keys use the international online key service - order your key at and your replacement key will be delivered within a few days.  You will need to take note of your key number.

Key Features:

  • Safety level 15
  • Complies with the Dutch ART 2 star approval
  • Anti drilling plate in cylinder
  • Hardened steel chain
  • Diameter links Ø 9.5 mm
  • Strong polyester sleeve to prevend damage
  • Key cover to protect from moist and dirt
  • 2 symmetrical keys
  • Weight: 3180 gm
  • Lock Length: 110 cm
  • Product length: 610 cm
  • Product Width: 100 mm
  • Product Height: 35 mm